How to make an Outdoor Sofa with just 3 power tools

This DIY Outdoor Sofa is easy to make and only requires three basic power tools. I used a circular saw, cordless drill, and orbital sander to cut and assemble 2×6 lumber into this Outdoor Sofa. I used ready made outdoor seat cushions that I bought from Home Depot which means that no sewing is required.
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Here is a link to the seat cushions I used:

I used 3-rod 12” hairpin legs with a 3/8” diameter:

Doweling Jig:;202269070;303283534;202711579;205435709;300680014;300680006;304087137;205435691;100609458;203263047;203162753;202545169;203162750;204585713;202672271;303283552;301903293;100659787;300534138;300534139;202241671;203054741;-_-205585491-_-N

Makerbrand Clamps:

Speed Square:

Any 2x6s will work but I used premium cedar from:

Link to the drawings coming soon. Sorry for the website delay I am looking for a new webmaster to update my wordpress site.

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